Wendy Z's
Art & Animal Communication

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About Wendy
  • An artist who has been doing art since age 2 and has studied art through college and beyond ~
  • A musician, songwriter and teacher, who has owned and operated her own two arts preschools ~
  • An Animal Communicator and Reiki Master~
  • Passionate about helping others to connect to Divine Presence ~

Wendy's Art
  • Uplifts, inspires and delights with its whimsical perspective ~
  • Captures the beauty, joy and magic of nature through paintings, illustrations and various media ~
  • Expresses the essence of the animal kingdom ~
  • Will draw you inside to reach your soul ~
  • Soothes grieving hearts and is a healing force ~
Animal Communication
  • Wendy practices intuitive communication with pets and other animals. People may ask questions to learn of:
  • Physical issues, Health ~
  • Emotional issues ~
  • Food issues ~