Art Activities

We participate in the following creative activities: drawing, collage, sculpture, play dough, clay, painting, eco-puppets, hats, costumes, musical instruments & nature art.

Reading & Writing

We develop our language skills in the following ways: reading stories, rhyming, writing stories & working with letters & words in English & Spanish.


We participate in puppet shows, costume dress-up, & outdoor / indoor theatre.

  Hours   Mon - Sat 8:30am - 6pm | Also 8am to 9pm | Daily Drop-In

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  (707) 762-1312

An enriched, in-home preschool program for 6 children ages 2- 5 based on kinder readiness through arts & nature study. Daily drop-in available. After-school program for ages 2 - 12.

What Wendy Says

A small group works wonderfully in a beautiful, peaceful setting to prepare 2-5 year olds for larger preschools or kindergarten.

A variety of creative materials enhance discovery-based learning so children can apply creative thinking skills to all subjects including math and science.

Along with 25 years of experience as a teacher, my gift is the ability to intuit each child's growing daily needs.

As the group explores the world around them, my role is to "catch the magic" with them in order to assist their blossoming.

  Location   Near downtown Petaluma, CA

Wendy goes beyond providing responsible care for children’s physical needs. She has the ability to see the world from their perspective and nurtures their spirits just as tenderly. We would recommend Wendy’s care to anyone.

~ Melanie Fife